frame the visible 294x198  

Framing the Visible

14 February 2012

Beluga & Töchter together with performance artist Iris Julian and video artist Nuno Escudeiro has filed a project for the European Capital of Culture 2012.

The project “framing the visible”, a multilayered total work of art, combines performance, architecture and video: therefore a construction consisting of 3 frames will be erected at a central place of the city of Guimarães (P).

The performanceartist will make 8 performers live in this framework during daytimes (7 days). In their expression the dancers stick to the facts, to provide a broad range of possible interpretations for spectators.

The frame construction allows the inclusion of people passing by chance like inhabitants, tourists, business people, shop owners: a mixture of planned and accidental movement patterns permits a vitality which cannot be achieved in the room of a theatre. The emptiness of the frames allows a free view to see simultaneously buildings of the old town: architectural structures like arches, doors or windows can be read in combination with the bodies of the dancers.

The videoartist will document the performance in the media of video. During nighttimes the frames will be covered by canvas, in order to show his videos as projection. This part of the work can be seen long time after the end of the improvisations adding a certain meaning to the site.