Beluga & Toechter participates in CANTE lab in Mexico

21 June 2012

The Centre for Arts and New Technology (CANTE) in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, has invited Astghik Der Sakarian (Beluga & Toechter) to participate in a two-week lab with international participation. The Mexican dance choreographer Martin Lanz Landazuri initiated the lab.

In April 2013, the participants will work on interdisciplinary research topics. They combined experience from the areas of performance, video, and architecture. The guests have an international background (USA, France, Austria) and will jointly elaborate their projects with local Mexican artists.

About CANTE:
The Centre for Arts and New Technology was founded in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, in 1997. The institute aims at promoting research and experimentation in the areas of electronic and digital arts, as well as integrating multiple disciplines by new formats and new esthetic expression. It promotes the development of new forms of creative expression from a multi-disciplinary perspective. Source: CANTE